Tony is the Earth nickname of Brother Antorin, a mage from the otherworldly magical pocket universe of Arth. Tony, early in his time on Arth, was discovered in a compromising situation and banished to Earth in a magical ritual that left him stranded there and cursed with the assignment of monitoring the senior magical adept Mark Lister by becoming intimate with Paulie, his selfish, demanding wife. Tony is thin, blond, and good-looking in a flashy sort of way.

Brother Antorin hates his assignment, can't stand Paulie, and begs the High Head of Arth, every time that Mage contacts him telepathically for information, to send him somewhere, anywhere, else so that he can escape his noxious task. When the High Head eventually does, in order to banish someone else, Tony feels vindicated and hands over his keys, his car, his flat, his job, and his horrible assignment to the next poor bastard, who isn't pleased about it at all. Tony heads off for a new assignment in Hong Kong, feeling that he has earned his release by following all the rules. Little does he know how soon those rules are going to change.

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