Tina Gianetti is the Hysterical Female of Deep Secret. A media personality, she has been invited to chair several panels at Phantasmacon, the fantasy fiction convention where Rupert Venables plans to meet and possibly interview the people whose names are on his list of Magid Material Maybe?s.

Unfortunately for Tina, the convention is full of individuals who are less interested in being collegial and interesting fellow speakers, and more interested in getting into arguments about things. Ted Mallory and Mervin Thurless, for example, get into a fracas over charges of plagiarism. Mallory's response is that of course he borrowed that idea from one of Thurless's books, because it was so badly handled that it begged to be improved on by somebody else.

Various other disruptions happen, and each time Tina is involved she gets Very Upset! Very Concerned!! Very Very Shocked!!! Her nerves can't Stand Much More!!!! All of which she is compelled to explain loudly and publicly to every convention manager she can find, which is to say all of them.

That is about it for Tina Gianetti. She serves to let the reader know exactly how crazy things at this convention must seem to a member of the general public who has no idea what kind of things are apt to go on at a fantasy con.

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