During one of Conrad's forays with Christopher into the shifting portion of Stallery Manor, the two boys find an area containing empty kitchen which is full of signs that someone has been there recently.  There is a bundle of knitting on a chair, a stove which is obviously still warm, and crumbs around an open magazine on a table. 

Unfortunately, they've found this kitchen right in the middle of their search for Millie, and Christopher is wild to find her.  He races off to check the stairs where they'd just seen her, telling Conrad to stay in the kitchen in case she comes back there.  While Conrad is waiting, reading the very strange magazine, a scary person stamps into the kitchen from the rainy yard outside.  She has an angry mauve face and is a large, heavily-built woman full of witchcraft.  As she is raising her hands and casting a spell, Conrad does the only thing he can think to do -- he raises his camera and takes her picture, which causes the flash to go off right in her face.  As she is screaming, Conrad gets away and runs off into the passage and up the stone stairs.

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