Near the middle of the novel, Aidan Cain is outside in the yard at Melstone House talking to Rolf and Groil, when a little man in a black coat and striped trousers comes up to them. Just before the man approaches, Groil looks alarmed and shrinks into the shape of a boulder. Rolf growls and menaces the man, who proceeds to say that he came to deliver a letter to the magician Hope from his master, but then accuses Aidan of having used the wallet. He starts to take Aidan prisoner.

When challenged, he says he is loyal butler to the King and that he is the Puck, no less. Aidan tries to tell him to leave, and Rolf continues to growl, but the Puck has ways to counter that, and it's only because Tarquin O'Connor appears, followed by Shaun and Mrs. Stock, that they are able to push the Puck away entirely. He leaves the letter, but threatens to come back and capture Aidan the next time he uses the wallet.

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