In The Merlin Conspiracy, the Prayermaster is a religious official on the world that includes Loggia City.  He has magical capabilities that are tied up in a type of praying.  His world is one with a severe solar radiation problem, and as a result, life has retreated to deep canyons where there is access to water, or to the lowest levels of immense multi-level cities where nearly all outdoor activity happens at night, where there is strong social stratification, and where advanced technology coexists with indentured servitude and the radiation poisoning which affects only those too poor to live in a protected lower level.  The Prayermaster wears elaboratedly embroidered clothing; the servants have to do the embroidery.

Insulted by NickEdit

When protagonist Nichothodes Koryfoides (Nick Mallory) wanders by accident into Loggia City, he sees someone in the crowd who seems to him to be the enchanter Romanov, whom he's trying to find.  He runs after the figure, but it turns out to be the Prayermaster, who is gravely offended at being addressed by a peon.  This sends Nick to jail, but also gives the Prayermaster the opening he's been seeking, because he too is trying to find Romanov.

Helicopter assaultEdit

Later, after Nick has succeeded in escaping from Loggia City and finding Romanov's island, he's shocked to find the Prayermaster, along with his prayerboys Joel and Japheth, flying in on a helicopter aiming to kill Romanov for having had the gall to help the protect the radiation-stricken embroiderers.  It's during this attempted assault that the Prayermaster finally gets his comeuppance.

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