The Magicians of Caprona
Cover Artist
Publication information
UK Release Date 1980
US Release Date
Series Chrestomanci
Preceded by The Lives of Christopher Chant
Followed by Witch Week

In the city-state of Caprona, two great families are embroiled in endless feuding. The Montanas and the Petrocchis have never gotten along in recent memory, but time is short as Caprona falls into decline and the surrounding city-states prepare to declare war.


The basic plot of the novel centers around the rivalry between the Montana family and the Petrocchi family, and the many ways their 200-year-old rivalry  is carried on and intensified by each succeeding generation.  Which is a big problem at the moment, because the ancient town of Caprona seems to be in trouble.  Things are not going well with its relations with other Italian city-states, which are threatening war.  Furthermore, the town's biggest bridge seems to be losing its strength, and the spells that normally keep it strong and stable don't seem to be working as well as they used to.





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