In The Merlin Conspiracy, the individual described as "the little person" is a small creature who ordinarly lives under the surface of the soil.  He is called upon by Roddy (Arianrhod Hyde) in her effort to find a way to deal with the latest twist in the evil folks' conspiracy, which she's seen in a vision.

To call someone magical who might be able to help, she consults the mental files of The Hurt Lady  which she is just beginning to try to use.  When one flower in particular is clearest in her mind's eye, she decides to try it -- it is a way to deal with magical folk who are visible.

Following the instructions in this mental file, she calls on the unknown magical folk, and a piece of the hillside near her suddenly shifts and unfolds, and the Little Person slips around the edge.  She explains the problem to him, and he seems quite certain that what she needs to do is to "raise the land."  However, before she can find out what this entails, the little person gets frightened and disappears back into the earth again.  Roddy is left just knowing that she is supposed to figure out what this means, and then how to do it.

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