The Emir is ruler of a hot country in the south of Derk's world.  At the beginning of Dark Lord of Derkholm, he is having problems with the assignment he has been given as Dark King, because he has seen the previous ruler who played that role, and the man had not recovered since.  He still believed he was the puppet of his crown, and the Emir doesn't want to be enslaved by his tiara.

Derk finally convinces him that he can do it by merely pretending to be enslaved by it, and he is momentarily mollified.  Until the incident of the slave girls

Acting 101Edit

Wizard Derk next encounters the Emir when he's contacted by his Grand Vizier, saying something terrible has happened, and help is desperately needed.  Derk flies back to the Emirates, this time bringing his son Blade.  The problem seems to be that the Emir is stalking through the halls, claiming to be the puppet of his hat, and no one has any idea why he is doing it.  Derk, who hadn't realized that the Emir was that bad at acting, says he'll handle the matter privately, so Blade is shown into a room full of lots of pretty young women wearing very skimpy clothing.  They feed him delicious things, take away some of his clothing to wash and mend, and generally make him feel wonderful, until one of them announces that the moment has come, and they all disappear.

Oh no, not my slave girls!Edit

Derk has evidently been having trouble persuading the Emir to pretend to wake up from his thespian trance, but when they go into the harem, the Emir is suddenly horrified and furious to realize that his slave girls are gone!  Blade and Derk make their getaway while he is having his tantrum, but evidently the disappearance is part of something much larger.

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