Lucrezia, Duchess of Caprona, is not a nice person.  She looks every bit the part of a duchess, though.  When she first appears, in the meeting room at the Palace, she is wearing a stiff grayish dress, almost like a statue of some saint would wear, and she is very pale and waxy-looking.  But she doesn't look like a saint -- her eyebrows are set in a sarcastic arch, and her mouth is tight with what seems to be impatience.  Paolo admires her for looking so much like a duchess, but Tonino is doubtful -- she looks as if she wouldn't be very nice at all.

Later he is sure of it, because when she is watching a Punch and Judy show in that very same room a few days later, she laughs at every blow or hurtful act of any of the puppets.  And she makes it clear that she is not nice in the least.  Nor, perhaps, a real Duchess.

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