In The Merlin Conspiracy, Sybil Temple is The Earthmistress of England, highly placed in the court of the King of England on the world of Blest -- in one of the parallel worlds to Earth.  She is an important member of the King's Progress -- a group of several hundred people who accompany the King on his endless circulation around the kingdom, which is done to maintain the land's magics.

Sybil is described as a large woman, blond and often disheveled-looking, who often goes about barefoot because of her earth magic.  She is bossy, sarcastic, and judgmental, and bitter about the fact that her husband has deserted her, leaving her with two children.

Partly in reaction to that fact, she becomes part of a conspiracy to take over the control of all the magics of Blest, which is a very dangerous thing because so many other worlds are tied into that world's unusually strong levels of magic.

Sybil's ChildrenEdit

Sybil has a daughter, Alicia, and a son, Ambrose Temple, whose magical talents are very strong, but unusually back-to-front, which makes learning things difficult for him.  Alicia is socially successful and a classic Mean Girl, and had been made a Page of the court, which gives her status and more opportunities to bully weaker children.

Sibyl's Conspiracy RoleEdit

When the actions of the book begin, Sibyl is preparing for her role in the ceremonies to have the English King meet and greet the King of Scotland, with whom relations have been strained.  Sibyl's man-friend, Sir James Spenser, is a smooth, disreputable character who is heavy into the conspiracy as well.  At the royal meeting, the old man who is the current Merlin of the kingdom suddenly collapses and dies.  After a new Merlin is found and invested, somehow he becomes part of the plot as well.  The three of them persuade the King to stop the Progress for a week's rest at Sir James' estate, where Sir James, the new Merlin, and Sibyl all conspire to poison the spring waters and exhort all the adult members of the Progress to drink from them.  This allows the conspirators to control them and take them all away to be immobilized on a distant world.  Eventually they are found there by Roddie and her friends, and things are put right with the world again.

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