At around the same time that Melstone House gardener Mr. Stock decides to recommend a relative for his employer to hire, Melstone House Housekeeper Mrs. Stock (no relation) decides to do the same, and nominates her nephew Shaun Appleby, son of her sister Trixie Appleby.

Well, she doesn't so much nominate him as announce to Mr. Andrew that she is bringing Shaun round to begin work the next day, and she does exactly that. Shaun turns out to be around 18 and what people describe as 'mentally challenged' but he is a sweet-tempered young man, very strong, and very willing to help.

Andrew can tell immediately that since he has just agreed to take on Mr. Stock's niece Stache as a part-time secretary, he'd better keep peace in the household by hiring Shaun as well. So he does. Having nothing else he can think of to assign Shaun to do, he tells him he can clean out the garden shed (the same one he leaves his extra vegetables on the roof of) and clean the walls and windows. Shaun is pleased with the idea.

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