In The Merlin Conspiracy, Salisbury (the city) is a character who appear as a pleasant-looking elderly man in a shabby linen jacket and green rubber boots.   He appears in the drawing room of Mrs. Candace, who serves as the Lady of Governance -- the land's chief female magical practitioner that counterbalances the masculine nature of The Merlin.  Mrs. Candace lives in an elegant house in the outskirts of Salisbury (the place) and Salisbury (the city) helps her arrange anything that involves coordination with other physical locations in the land.

Salisbury doesn't say much, but when he does, he speaks in a gently rumbling voice, like bricks grating.  Eventually, he sees to it that Roddy (Arianrhod Hyde) and her friend Grundo (Ambrose Temple) succeed in getting to London to Roddy's grandfather Hyde's home.  Where they realize just how badly things are going.

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