Rosa Montana is the sweet-natured oldest daughter of Antonio and his wife Elizabeth, but she's no pushover. Rosa is eight years older than her younger brother Paolo, and both he and his younger brother Tonino look up to Rosa, who in many ways is like a second mother to them.

Love Conquers AllEdit

For a long time, as Rosa reached the age of 18 and every adult member of the Montana family starts to try to matchmake to find her the very best husband, she resists having other people push her about this subject.  Then, after she has been working on the fading spells of the old bridge along with all the other skilled spellmakers in the city, she comes home with a boy she has met while working on the bridge.  His name is Marco, he has a lovely voice, and the two of them demonstrate a very complex spell involving making a golden pear tree sprout, grow, flower, fruit and then ripen some delicious pears right in the stones of the Montana courtyard.  Old Niccolo and Rosa's father Antonio grudgingly approve, which is hard not to do, since Rosa's mother Elizabeth has already taken their side.

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