Related Worlds

a detailed chart of the Related Worlds, including all the Series' and the worlds in them that are mentioned by name in the Chrestomanci novels

Also known as the Series of Related Worlds or the Twelve Related Worlds. Of all the worlds in the multiverse, there are twelve that are known and explored. These twelve worlds are further divided into more worlds, so each of the twelve main worlds is referred to as part of a numbered series. A new world comes about when there is some great event in history with more than one possible outcome. When that happens, the world splits, resulting one world with one outcome, and another world with another outcome. The differences between series are colossal events, such as the shifting of whole continents, while the differences between worlds within a series are more minute. What makes the Twelve Related Worlds related is that they all speak the same languages.

Series OneEdit

The oldest of the Related Worlds, home to the Conclave of Mages. In The Lives of Christopher Chant, it's stated that the Mages discovered the rest of the Related Worlds, and that's why the numbering starts with their Series.

Series TwoEdit

Series ThreeEdit

Series FourEdit

Series FiveEdit

It is composed of islands and is home to mermaids.

Series SixEdit

Described in The Lives of Christopher Chant as being in a constant ice age.

Series SevenEdit

An extremely mountainous series and the setting of Conrad's Fate. Also home to a giant glacier.

Series EightEdit

Described in The Lives of Christopher Chant as being bleak and stony.

Series NineEdit

It's noted in The Lives of Christopher Chant as being where the Wraith gang gets their dragon's blood. This is likely where Mr. Baslam got Gwendolen Chant some dragon's blood from in Charmed Life.

Series TenEdit

A series of worlds which worship the Goddess Asheth. Home to the Temple of Asheth and former home of Millie. Noted as being very hot.

Series ElevenEdit

Series Eleven is not actually a series, but one world. Birthplace of Mordecai Roberts, whose spirit name is Tacroy. It is ruled by an individual called the Dright.

Series TwelveEdit

The series in which nearly all the main Chrestomanci stories take place. Chrestomanci's main job is to police the use of magic in this series.