In Dark Lord of Derkholm, Prince Talithan is a young-looking elfin prince who is compelled to serve in the forces of the Dark Lord on one of Mr. Chesney's tours.  He is not particularly motivated at first to do so, but he has offended his father the Elfking and as a result must serve the Dark Lord for a year and a day.


It turns out that Talithan is five hundred years old and married to another elf.  Like all elves he is tall and slender.  He has white-fair hair and wears a golden circlet on his head.  He and his friends (who have agreed to help him serve out his sentence to the Dark Lord) come and go by creating a green misty opening in the air that connects to the elflands.

Motivations and AssignmentsEdit

When Talithan first arrives, it's to return the young winged colt Pretty, who apparently has figured out how to get to Elfland.  The prince is very attracted to Pretty, and wants both to have him as his own, and to breed more winged horses with him. 

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