Mr. Hugo is the son of Mr. Amos, the butler at Stallery Manor.  He is thin, tall, with a nice, snubby face.  His position is valet to the new Count, Count Robert, but when his father retires, he is due to take his place as butler, leaving the  position of valet vacant.  It is to train up for that position that Conrad Tesdinic and Christopher Chant are hired, with the title of Improvers.

While training, the two boys begin working as pages and assistant footmen, so they don't see much of Hugo at first, since he is off traveling with Count Robert.

Both boys, though, find him likeable and not at all toplofty, like his father.  We soon find out one of the reasons why -- Mr. Hugo is crossed in love, and having a hard time of things.  The lady loves him , right enough, but there are going to be such strong objections from his father and her mother at what they will see as a mesalliance that their future together looks impossible.

Things work out in the end, though, for Mr. Hugo and his lady love.  Which is a good thing, because he's a good fellow.

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