A list of characters who appear in The Dalemark Quartet.

Prehistoric DalemarkEdit

All characters appear or are mentioned in The Spellcoats.

Riverlands nativesEdit

  • Cenblith - A queen of prehistoric Dalemark who took the One as her lover and bound him to the will of mortals.
  • Closti the Clam - A resident of the village Shelling, on the bank of the River. His wife left many years ago, and he is forced to go off to war with his son Gull at the start of the story. He dies, leaving his five children orphans.
  • Collet - Steward to the king of the Riverlands.
  • Gull - The eldest son of Closti the Clam. Gull goes off to war and returns home mentally disturbed.
  • Hern - Closti's second son. Hern has an extremely rational view of the world and refuses to believe anything supernatural exists. He becomes good friends with Kars Adon.
  • Jay - Herald for the king of the Riverlands and captain of his army. Falls in love with Robin.
  • Kestrel - Zara's husband and Closti's brother-in-law. He goes off to war with his brother and nephew, and returns in time to help his brother's children escape the mob in Shelling.
  • King of the Riverlands - The king of the lands around the great River in prehistoric Dalemark. His family died during the Heathen invasion, and the experience has left him a somewhat weaker king than he ought have been.
  • Korib - The miller's son and the best shot in Shelling.
  • Mallard - The youngest of Closti's children, Mallard is called Duck by his family. He often tries to act bigger than he is.
  • Robin - Eldest child of Closti the Clam. She is ladylike and motherly, looking after the family in her parents' absence.
  • Tanaqui - Closti's younger daughter. A sensible, tomboyish girl and a skilled weaver.
  • Wren - Headman of a village near the source of the River in prehistoric Dalemark.
  • Zara - Closti's sister and Kestrel's wife. She has a powerful dislike for her brother and his children because when Closti jilted Zwitt's sister, Zwitt broke off his own engagement with Zara.
  • Zwitt - Headman of Shelling. He has a powerful dislike for Closti and his family, because Closti jilted Zwitt's sister.


  • Arin - A Heathen lord and Kars Adon's chief war minister.
  • "I sent the hidden death..." - One of Kankredin's chief mages. His name is the boast woven into his mage's gown.
  • I tortured the beast..." - One of Kankredin's chief mages. His name is the boast woven into his mage's gown.
  • Kars Adon - A Heathen lord in exile who inherited his father's title when the previous High Lord died during his invasion of prehistoric Dalemark. He strikes up a strong friendship with Hern.
  • Kiniron Adon - Father of Kars Adon and younger brother of the king of Haligland. Led an invasion of prehistoric Dalemark, but died before he could see its end, leaving his son High Lord in his place.
  • Ladri - One of Kankredin's mages.

Historic DalemarkEdit


  • Alk - Lord Consort to the Countess of Aberath. Formerly a practice and talented lawman, now a would-be engineer. Appears in The Crown of Dalemark.
  • Almet - Son of the Adon and Manaliabrid; refused the crown after his father and went South to live in Waywold. Mentioned in The Crown of Dalemark.
  • Amil the Great - Legendary king of Dalemark who appeared out of the North, unified the country after centuries of interregnum and civil war, and brought it into the modern age. Appears in The Crown of Dalemark.
  • Biffa - Short for Enblith. Daughter of farmers and student at the Lawschool, and best friends with Hildy. Appears in The Crown of Dalemark.
  • Clennen Mendakersson - A Singer of great repute who travels throughout North and South Dalemark. He hails from Hannart, but he had a falling-out with the Earl and never goes there anymore. Clennen has a large personality and is a self-admitted lover of long names, which is why his chidren's names are so wordy. Appears in Cart and Cwidder.
  • Eleth - Noreth Onesdaughter's mother. Died soon after Noreth's birth, swearing her daughter's father was the One. Mentioned in The Crown of Dalemark.
  • Kastri - The Adon's elder son who remained in Hannart after his father's death.
  • Kintor - Lord of Kredindale and Noreth's cousin. He oversees his lordship's coal mines, and of late has begun overtaxing the workers. Mentioned in The Crown of Dalemark.
  • Konian Kerilsson - Elder son of Earl Keril of Hannart and the former Adon. Arrested in Holand with his brother when his ship ran aground after a storm and executed on trumped-up charges. Mentioned in Cart and Cwidder and Drowned Ammet.
  • Labbard - King of Dalemark before the Adon.
  • Luthan - Earl of Dropwater and Noreth's cousin. A romantic who is completely infatuated with Noreth. Appears in The Crown of Dalemark.
  • The Porter - The primary spy for North Dalemark in the South, and the most wanted criminal in South Dalemark.
  • Tanabrid - Daughter of the Adon and Manaliabrid. Married the Lord of Kredindale after her father's death.


  • Al - A castaway Mitt, Hildy, and Ynen find floating in a dinghy at sea. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Bence - Captain of The Wheatsheef and commander of the Holy Islands navy. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Canden - A member of the Free Holanders who courts Milda for a time. Hobin's younger brother. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Coran - A freedom fighter from Waywold.
  • Dideo - A fisherman from Holand and a member of the Free Holanders. Mitt blames him for his father's death. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Hadd - Earl of Holand, feared and hated by his people for his tyranny. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Ham - A fisherman from Holand and a member of the Free Holanders. His name is one of many shortened forms of Alhammitt. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Harilla Harlsdaughter - Daughter of Harl Haddsson and granddaughter of Earl Hadd of Holand. Frequently fights with Hildy. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Halida - Wife of Earl Keril and mother of Konian and Kialan. Originally born in the South, but fled North with Keril when she met him as a young freedom fighter.
  • Henda - Earl of Andmark who frequently quarrels with Earl Hadd of Holand. It is said he can be relied on to always respond to threats to his power. Mentioned in Drowned Ammet and The Crown of Dalemark.
  • Hobin - A successful gunsmith from Waywold who sets up shop in Holand. Marries Milda and becomes Mitt Alhamittsson's step-father. He is secretly part of a group of sober-minded revolutionaries biding their time until the right moment to start an uprising. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Irana Harchadsdaughter - Daughter of Harchad Haddsson and one of Earl Hadd's granddaughters. Frequently fights with Hildy. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Lenina Thornsdaughter - Clennen's wife and mother of Dagner, Brid, and Moril. Lenina has blue blood and was originally engaged to the Lord of Markind until Clenne enchanted her. Appears in Cart and Cwidder.
  • Lithar - Lord of the Holy Islands, a childish and mentally deficient man. Hildy is engaged to him when she is nine and he is twenty.. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Lydda - Siriol the fisherman's daughter. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Siriol - A fisherman in Holand to whom Mitt is apprenticed. He is a member of the Free Holanders. Appears in Drowned Ammet.
  • Tholian - Earl of the South Dales, a cruel man bent on conquering and subjugating the North. Appears in Cart and Cwidder.

Modern DalemarkEdit

The UndyingEdit

  • Anoreth ("The Unbound", "The Lady") - One of the Elder Undying; embodies the River of prehistoric Dalemark. Appears in The Spellcoats.
  • The One (Amil, Adon, Oreth, "Golden Gentleman", "Grand Father") - The strongest of the Undying and figurative (and possibly literal) father of the people of Dalemark. Appears in The Spellcoats and The Crown of Dalemark.
  • Tanamil (Tanoreth, Tan Adon, Halian Tan Haleth, "The Piper", "The Red One", "The Young One") - Lord of the Red River in prehistoric Dalemark. Appears in The Spellcoats.
  • Wend ("The Wanderer", Mage Mallard, Oril, Osfameron, Tanamoril, Wend Orilson) - One of the Elder Undying and the keeper of the green roads. Appears in The Crown of Dalemark.