Klartch is the magical creature at the center of the plot in The Pinhoe Egg.  When first found, he is just a large almost-spherical object tucked away in the attic at Wood House.  While helping Marianne Pinhoe track down Nutcase (Gammer Pinhoe's cunning magical cat) Cat discovers the object and is filled with the sense that it is extremely exciting and very very important.  He asks Marianne if he could have it, and she tells him he can -- that no one else has ever seemed to want it.

Cat brings the object home and has a vision that night that a large creature lands on his roof and tells him that the object is an egg -- her egg, in fact -- and that it needs warmth and love to be able to hatch.  When a few days later it begins to do so, it turns out to be a baby Griffin.  The hatching is difficult -- lots of spells have been put on the egg to keep it still and keep it hidden. But Klartch emerges and recognizes Cat as his own person and caretaker.

Griffins in the StoryEdit

There are a number of appearances of griffins during the story that connect with Klartch and his mother.  It turns out that the event that precipitates the confrontation in the first chapter was a near-collision between Klartch's mother and Jed Farleigh's daughter Dorothea.

Likewise, it seems possible that griffins will be part of the story because the sign over the local pub in Ulverscote shows a griffin and a unicorn -- a picture painted at one time by Uncle Charles Pinhoe.

Finally, there is the large mysterious animal in Cat's vision about the egg.  It gives him the impression of claws but also of feathers, and as it turn out, it was Klartch's mother, free of the imprisoning spells that keep all the magical creatures fenced off by the night's full moon.

Klartch's Growth & ChangeEdit

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