Kit is one of the largest and most imposing of wizard Derk's five griffin children.  He is huge and coal-black, with golden eyes.  Although both of his human parents (Derk and Mara) are strong magicians, it has never occurred to Derk that his griffin children may be too, but as his father first comes to terms with being appointed as Dark Lord, and first meets with the despicable Mr. Chesney, it becomes obvious that Kit has great magical potential which has never been trained at all.

But those are not all -- his pragmatic, worldly talents seem to lie somewhere in the area of combat and military planning.  We know this because when Derk's children take over for him as Dark Lord after Derk's terrible dragon accident, it is Kit who turns out to be an amazing diagrammer of all the tasks of tour management and, more importantly, battle management, using the wide range of battle participants that have been specified by Mr. Chesney's tour contract.

Enmity of the Criminal WarriorsEdit

Kit's size and fierceness make him the most hated of everyone whose job it is to manage the hundreds of angry criminals who make up the Dark Lord's Evil Army.  The criminals are lewd with Shona, contemptuous of Don, and wary of Blade, but Kit they hate and resent.  As a result, when they are able to attack him during the fighting, they do so.  He disappears in a terrible fall with multiple arrows in him, which fills his family with a terrible grief.


It turns out that Kit has survived his attack, but just barely, and has to go through many other trials before he can be reunited with those who care about him.  One of his hardest tasks is coming to terms with the scary results of some of the things he is best at doing.  An interesting and complex individual, and one of the most fascinating griffin characters of this novel.

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