If ever there were a wonderful portrayal of an admirable, lovable old king, this one is it.  King Adolphus X, busy with the endless hassles of poverty, which is inexplicable and forcing him and his daughter to sell off all the royal possessions, one by one, still has the grace and kindness to reply to a letter from protagonist Charmain Baker in a gracious and kindly manner.

Charmain has written, offering to help him and his daughter Princess Hilda with their library.  This she has done because she likes books and likes sitting around looking at and reading books.  However, she offers her services at a time when the King has not been offered any help from his subjects in a long while.

Character and appearanceEdit

The king is described as a big old man, with a nicely trimmed white beard and kindly, crinkled blue eyes.  He is said to be very fond of dogs, and welcomes the presence of Waif in his library immediately.

He displays a wonderful sense of humor about himself, able to laugh at silly things he's said or written during his youth along with everyone else.  He's gracious to his guests, no matter what their age or status, but at the same time he has a good sense of judgment about people, trusting the good and kind ones, and feeling uneasy about the untrustworthy ones.

Challenges & DifficultiesEdit

Apart from the problem of money, which is caused partly by the disappearance of the royal treasury and partly by the unaccountable loss of tax revenues, the King also faces the fact that he has no direct heirs, since he had no sons, and his daughter Hilda never married.  As a result, his heir is the extremely disagreeable Prince Ludovic, who no one likes at all.

Luckily for this wonderful man, things do work out in the end and leave him in a much better condition, which he richly deserves.

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