Junior Mage Jeffros ends up being, despite his relatively low status in the Koryfonic Empire, the highest-level mage left alive after the assassination plot that blows up the Emperor and all the leading lights of the empire, including all the senior mages.

As a result, when relatively low-level military leader General Dakros becomes the highest ranking surviving general in the Empire, and somewhat lower-level Imperial wife Lady Alexandra Is left as the only surviving Imperial consort, the three of them become allies in trying to save the Koryfonic Empire from falling totally apart. Which, by the way, seems to be what the powers-that-be among Magids seem to be Intending to happen.

Nevertheless, Jeffros, along with Dakros and Lady Alexandra, do everything in their power to rescue the confidential computer records which contain information on the heirs to the throne, to secure magical help from the assigned Magid (Rupert Venables, to his sorrow), and to keep things from devolving into chaos.

Jeffros is wounded by the collapse of the Palace at Iforion, exhausted by trying to save lives and hold up roofs and columns from falling, and quite overwhelmed by all the problems he has to face that he's never dealt with before.

When events move to another of the Imperial worlds, Thalangia, Jeffros is also the only one available to interview a pair of strangers who seem to have appeared in an off-world vehicle at a time when important discoveries are about to be made. Which means he is the first person in the empire to actually speak with the individual who appears likely to be the next Emperor. Poor Jeffros. Always in the right place at the wrongest of times.

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