The Land of Ingary is located only in the world of the Castle series.It is home to Sophie Hatter,Calcifer and the wizard Howl himself.It is a monarchy and it's capital is Kingsbury.The climate appears to be similar to England in Our World.In Ingary,all fantasy elements are considered a part of everyday life,especially Howl's Castle which roams through the hills of Chipping Valley near the town of Market Chipping.In the south-western corner of Ingary is a desert known simply as the Waste.High Norland and Strangia border Ingary,although Strangia may be the "neighbouring kingdom" in the film that Ingary goes to war with.


Chipping ValleyEdit

The location of Market Chipping,the town where Sophie hails from.The magical castle of the wizard Howl roams among the hills.Howl lets the castle move through Chipping Valley.

Market ChippingEdit

The small town where Sophie and her sisters come from and where Sophie used to live with her sisters,Martha and Lettie Hatter.Mr Hatter's ladie's hat shop is located here and Mr Hatter is dead.Howl often went there to seduce women.

The WasteEdit

The Waste is a desert in Ingary which appears in Howl's Moving Castle and is located in the south-west corner of Ingary.It is also where the Witch of the Waste was banished to.


Kingsbury is the capital of Ingary and is home to the Royal Family,especially the unnamed king who rules Ingary.The Royal Family also consists of Princess Valeria and the predesessor of the unnamed king.

Folding ValleyEdit

A valley in Ingary.It is located quite near Chipping Valley and is between Chipping Valley and the Upper Folding.And it is the only place in Ingary which doesn't seem to know Market Chipping.

Upper FoldingEdit

Another valley in Ingary.


Main Article: Porthaven

Porthaven is a poor seaside town where Wizard Howl took up residence after arriving in Ingary.

Porthaven MarshesEdit

The place where Howell Jenkins first met the Fire Demon Calcifer.They are marshes located across Ingary's only known coast line