In Drowned Ammet, Hobin is the best gunsmith in Holand, and a successful, honorable man. Luckily for protagonist Mitt, Hobin takes a fancy to his widowed mother Milda, and marries her.

At the time, Mitt is very involved in his fantasies of rebellion, and doesn't appreciate Hobin's attempts to persuade him not to get reeled in by the troublemakers he hangs out with.

When Mitt finally does something so shocking it leaves him in terrible trouble, it turns out that Hobin has been aware all along of some of the plans of the rebels, and has been observant of Mitt's fixation with doing something on the day of the Sea Festival, so when Mitt manages to sneak home to grab some supplies to run away with, Hobin is waiting to help him do this.

A good man, he's not really recompensed in this novel for being so good. Or for putting up with Milda, for that matter.

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