Kit is the oldest and the largest of Wizard Derk's five griffin children, and in the eight years since Mr. Chesney's tours were disbanded, he has received private training in wizardry, and along with his human brother Wizard Blade, is now one of the most powerful wizards of his world.

To the RescueEdit

First Blade, and then Kit, come to rescue their sister Elda from some griffin ruffians who are menacing Elda as they search for Elda's sister Callette.

Neither Elda nor Callette had been able to figure out how to fight the ruffians, other than with words, which Elda was in the middle of shouting at them when her brothers, one by one, arrived.  It was Kit who figured out how to overcome the problem that they were impervious to magic.

Since the ToursEdit

During the previous book, Dark Lord of Derkholm, Kit was going through his own teenage crisis, trying to figure out who he really was apart from his family circle.  It made him sullen and cross a lot of the time, and only the discovery of a knack for warfare kept him from doing things that would have gotten him in a lot of trouble. 

Since that time, Kit has obviously matured into a smart, talented, self-possessed griffin, and everyone who knows him seems to be very happy indeed about that.

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