Callette is one of the largest and most talented of the five griffin children of Wizard Derk of Derkholm.  Very large, with brown feathers, a light gray and cream barring on the wings, and a talent for figuring out how to make just about anything out of spare parts, the only thing she is missing is someone to hang out with, since her brothers and sisters seem to be striking out on their own.

Bad boysEdit

Callette, like her brothers Griffin Kit and Griffin Don, as well as her sister Griffin Lydda, has been to the other continent and has met a great many griffins there.  The Derkholm griffins made a great splash, but unfortunately Callette attracted the attention of some very bad boys.  That is part of what she has to deal with in this book.

Good boysEdit

Luckily, there are a great many good ones too, and hopefully, one of them will be good enough for Callette.  It remains to be seen.

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