Finn is the wizard guide to the first group of Pilgrim Party tourists to make it all the way to Derkholm (or, in this case, the Dark Lord's Evil Lair). 

Coping with the UnexpectedEdit

Because his is the first of the tours, Finn keeps running into things that don't match his expectations.  Several villages where they expected interactions with the villagers are deserted.  Since no god seems to be manifesting, Finn creates the illusion of one -- a smiling child who promises his group success in their venture.

The blue demon shows up just as they get to the end and are about to kill the Dark Lord, which stops everyone in their tracks, until he disappears again, and Finn bumps into a tourist lady, who then knocks Derk into his illusory pit of balefire, which supposedly kills him.  One of his pilgrims then proceeds to start crying at the inhumanity at killing anything, and is still crying as the group proceeds through the portal that one of Mr. Chesney's smiling uniformed employees is waiting to usher them through.

Altogether, Finn shows he's a nice guy and a resourceful wizard.

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