Eltruda is the wonderful, loud, masterful and loving aunt of Noreth Onesdaughter, and wife of Lord Stair of Adenmouth. Unfortunately, Stair is a drunkard and barely conscious most of the time. Eltruda and her husband's hearthman (and son of the late Earl Hadd of Holand) Navis Haddsson are in love, much to the shock and dismay of both Noreth and Navis's traveling companion Mitt.

At one point in The Crown of Dalemark, Eltruda is described as "short, fat, and loud." However, she is clearly a loving mother-substitute for her niece Noreth, and a woman full of energy and talent. Near the end of the novel, a question from Maewen makes it clear that Eltruda, when widowed, marries the new Duke of Kernsburgh.

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