In The Pinhoe Egg, Edgar Pinhoe is one of the two brothers of Gammer Pinhoe.  He is a real estate agent, and drives a fancy carriage.  He wears a tweedy coat and hat, and casts a dominating spell over his real estate clients as part of his sales technique.

Personal FlawsEdit

Edgar is bossy and acquisitive.  When the family decides that Gammer Pinhoe is too disabled to live alone, he immediately announces that when she moves out, he and his wife Susannah will move into Woods House and take over the place.  "The ancestral family home," they pointed out.  "The big house of the village.  As the oldest surviving Pinhoe, it's my right to live there."  He planned to rename it Pinhoe Manor, he thought.  This didn't come to pass, because ownership had actually passed to eldest son Harry Pinhoe when his father, Gaffer Pinhoe passed away.

He does, however, end up getting several professional day nurses in to look after Gammer, but they don't work out.

Role in the story of the EggEdit

Edgar eventually is called on to sell Woods House, if at all possible to a Pinhoe.  He is showing the house to Irene Yeldham and her husband Jason Yeldham when Marianne and Cat ask to go up to the attic to look for the cat.  There the egg is found.

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