The youngest child of Closti the Clam, young Duck is about five or six during the events of The Spellcoats. He experiences, along with his siblings, the loss of their father to war, the loss of their home due to enormous flooding, and the loss of their community as they are expelled from the area because of the superstitions of many of the other residents of the village of Shelling.

Duck is comforted by holding the newest of the family's statues of The Undying, a wooden representation of The Lady that had been carved by their father shortly after he lost his wife, Duck's mother. Duck seems to find that when the statue feels warm, he can communicate with the Lady and she reassures him.

When he is feeling particularly bad about the mental frailty of his older brother Gull, who came back from the war having somehow lost his mind, Duck insists on giving him the statue of the Lady to hold, although it's clear that it costs him a lot to do so.

Duck's main skill and the most important thing in his life is music. He gathers reeds and makes pipes, which he is surprisingly good at playing, even though he seems to be completely self-taught.

Duck has another, more formal name in the family, and at some point, we learn that he has several more under which he appears in other volumes of the Dalemark Quartet. It's interesting getting to know him first in this one as a little boy, coping with events that are really more than a child his age can bear.

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