Daisy Bolger isn't a very important character in Conrad's Fate, but she's important in Conrad's life, as she teaches him how to manipulate his uncle Alfred Grant.  Uncle Alfred is so busy manipulating others that he doesn't quite notice Daisy's technique, which is to get so surly and irritable on her job as a bookstore clerk that she begins to talk about how others want to hire her and she has half a mind to quit.  Since Uncle Alfred doesn't really like doing actual work, he's susceptible to the need for bribery to keep her from quitting, and so it goes.

When Conrad tries it, with regard to cooking the family's meals, it gets him pocket money, a bicycle, model kits -- all the things that other kids from school get routinely from their parents.  It opens Conrad's eyes a bit to how the world works, and it's all thanks to a calculating young lady with an underhanded, bossy streak.

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