Arianrhod Hyde is one of the two main characters in The Merlin Conspiracy.    She lives on the islands of Blest, on the Series 12 world Blest.  She is the daughter of Daniel Hyde, who is the King's weather wizard and as a result, she travels with the King's Progress -- a constantly moving parade of vehicles that accompanies the King on this meanderings around the Kingdom.

Around 15 during the time of the novel, Arianrhod (who prefers to be called Roddy) has spent the bulk of her childhood and youth living in a tent or caravan and traveling by bus from place to place, being polite, looking proper, and doing the right things at the many ceremonies that the King is always taking part in.

Roddy is the person who becomes aware of the Merlin conspiracy from which the novel's title is taken very early on, and tries unsuccessfully to warn all the older magic users in her world, who are many.  However, all the most powerful ones pooh-pooh her warning, saying that they just can't see the Merlin doing such a thing.  This leaves Roddy quite desperate.

Magical relatives & friendsEdit

In addition to her father's position as chief weather wizard to the King, Roddy is related to a number of other very powerful magicians, including Maxwell Hyde, a writer and Magid for the world of Blest, who is her father's father.  Her mother's father is the Welsh preacher and Old Power Gwyn ap Nudd, the lord of the dead.

Roddy's mother Annie Hyde has lesser magical powers and a civil service job creating spreadsheets in the financial bus on the Progress; Roddy's aunts Dora Dimber and Judith Dimber are lesser witches, but her father's mother Hepzibah Dimber is a powerful witch or sorceress who has been misusing invisible magical creatures for her whole life.  Her cousins Toby Hyde, Isadora Dimber and Ilsabil Dimber ("the Izzys") accompany Roddy on some of her adventures in the novel, along with the other protagonist, Nick Mallory (Nichothodes Koryfoides.

She is also friends with Ambrose Temple, known as Grundo.  Roddy has spent much of her young life looking after and protecting him from bullies among the Progress children.  Grundo's mother is a large unrestrained sorceress named Sybil Temple.  She is deeply involved in the conspiracy, and means no good to anyone, but she ranks high on the Progress -- her powers are tied to the earth, so during ceremonies she always works barefoot.

Inheritance of magical knowledge and Alliance with Nick MalloryEdit

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