Amil the Great is a feature of nearly every observation made by protagonist Maewen while she is getting acclimatized to her father's surroundings in the Tannoreth Palace of modern-day Dalemark. King Amil built the Palace. King Amil built the rococo Tomb building. King Amil is critically important to Dalemark's history, but there are no portraits of him. Everything around her relates to this King Amil, yet when she is pulled back in time to his era, she can glean no news of anyone with a name like that. Plus, she is busy portraying the woman whose goal in life is to take the throne that Amil either will, did, or might have taken in her place -- a woman of whom there is no record or sign in the Dalemark of the future.

In the end, Amil as king only appears in the very end of Maewen's time in the past, and then appears in a very surprising way. Many of the pictures and relics of his time period begin to make sudden and perfect sense when she gets back to her own time and sees them with new eyes, but unfortunately eyes that keep filling with tears because she is missing those long-dead people she grew to know and love.

But one thing seems to be true. Amil really WAS pretty great.

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